Venetian plaster — what an elegant style. It almost resembles marble and it makes you feel so fancy. At Drywall Contractors Coquitlam, Inc. we can turn your drab walls and ceilings into fab in no time at all.

Installing Venetian plaster is a cool technique that will make your walls or ceiling look absolutely amazing. The finish is made of a mixture of plaster and marble dust. This is what gives it a beautiful finish. 

It can be on the pricier side unless you do it yourself. We don’t recommend this as you want the entire area to be uniform. Putting your trust in us will ensure you have breathtaking walls or ceiling to look at for a lifetime.

You do have the option to get the product at your local home improvement store, but you will not get the same quality. The products that we use are premium quality and you cannot buy it at a store. 

When we Venetian plaster a surface, it is not as easy as it looks. It takes a lot of practice to get it right. You have to make sure your layers are even and uniform. 

When you choose Venetian plaster, you are choosing longevity. The materials used are durable and they don’t fade. Also, to all you parents and business owners out there — the material makes your walls easy to clean!

Repairing this material is easy too. It doesn’t take much to mend the texture. The hardest part may be to match the colour. 

Contact our office today! Let us come and style your home with Venetian plaster.