Texture Repair
Coquitlam Drywall Contractors

When you have a repair done on your drywall, you will need a way to make it look the same as the other walls. It doesn’t matter if someone else or yourself completed the repair, Drywall Contractors Coquitlam, Inc. will help you finish it.

We understand the frustration when you have a repair done but it is not truly finished. Whether you completed it or another contractor, we will complete the texture so it looks all uniform again.

We also can do a repair without a drywall repair. Maybe some of your texture has chipped off — we can help. We will use top of the line materials. It will look so flawless that you would never know the texture was missing.

We can repair many types of texture. One of the more popular textures found in many homes and businesses is the orange peel texture. The first step we do is repair any underlying issues with the drywall. Then we can spray the orange peel product all over the area. 

Another popular texture is popcorn. Many homes have this all across the ceilings. It was used so much for easy coverage of abnormal surfaces. Some people notice that when they remove the popcorn ceiling, their ceiling is not balanced. This requires an additional repair in order to make it level. More recently, homeowners are opting to remove the popcorn ceiling for a smooth or plaster textured surface. It looks more modern.

At Drywall Contractors Coquitlam, Inc., we will make sure your texture repair looks as good as new.